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Good morning!

I've had 'tv news' listed as an interest of mine for some time now, but I've never taken the opportunity to see if in fact there are any LJ Communities behind it.

My name is William, and currently I am not in the field of broadcasting, but am planning on pursuing a career in tv news through Specs Howard.

Currently my favorite news station is our ABC Action News affiliate, which is in a top five market. They are professional, approach humor politely, and have the darn nicest set. I was foutunate to tour their news room a while back and see the operations for myself, and I should say, I was surprised at how few people ran the operation, at least during a noon broadcast. The anchors have a wonderful television presence with the exception of the new fake-bake, large-head (literaly), Stephern Clark. That guy comments on every news story and has had some character slip ups that I will one day gladly mention. I suppose most of my resentment for him is because he ousted my role model Guy Gordon, who worked the 5, 6, 11 and sometimes noon and morning news casts. Guy now works at the local NBC station doing the moring news.

My least favorite station is our FOX affiliate, they talk like they don't know what they are doing, their set is unattractive (I know that's a little shallow), and sometimes they have camera problems. They have gotten better at their casts in later years. I commend them for that.

I am excited about being a part of this Community.
Thank you.
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HI!!! I might be interning at WXYZ this summer!!!! how cool to find a friend:) although, i do like stephen clark. haha. hope to talk to u soon!

Hi! Small world.

You should keep your political position on the down-low. You know how neutral news anchors are. ;)
Then again you might consider becoming a political analyist one day. How cool would that be?

I'm so jealous of you though! An internship at WXYZ! How very nice. I met Dave Rexroth at the studio a long while back, he wouldn't remember me, but he's so genuine and very nice, on air and off.

Good luck to you and your career!
ya i think they know how i stand on politics..i was on their presidential debate panel:) we should keep in touch. i would like to hear about what u think of everything at channel 7
How cool! I have worked in TV News more years than I care to admit.
I have seen sets come and go and anchors do the same. What really scares me is how little content some of the newscasts actually have.